a holistic approach to balanced living

Tasha Burg, MA

Tired of the struggle? Pulled in too many different directions? Feeling stuck? Hopeless?

You are not lost. You are not alone. There is hope.

You just need a compass to navigate your journey resulting in a more effortless flow.

Welcome to Wellbeing, a holistic approach to balance on your journey to a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

3 steps on the path to Wellbeing

Let Go



Let Go

Let go of:

    • Struggle

    • Overwhelm

    • Worry and fear

    • Feeling stuck, indecision

    • Unfulfilled

    • Negativity and judgment

    • Drama and conflict

    • Negative thought patterns

    • Generational patterns no longer serving your path

    • Stress related physical symptoms


  • Create:

  • Clarify your vision and purpose

  • Heart centered decision making grounded in emotional clarity

  • Meaningful, fulfilling relationships and work life

  • Create from your deepest knowing beyond limitations of your mind.

  • Effective self-care practices

  • Balanced time management

  • Prosperity

  • Balance Being and doing


  • Being:

  • More authentic

  • Sustainable inner peace

  • Experience meaningful, fulfilling relationships

  • Challenges as invitation to grow

  • Increased awareness and intuition

  • Prosperity mindset

  • Empowered

  • Grateful

  • Experience a balance of freedom and unity

More Info on the Methods:

Integrative Energy Work

Integrative Energywork is beneficial to those seeking to create change (that often feels beyond our capacity to change) by releasing the energetic patterns at the core that prevent healthier ways of living and creating positive growth. Everything is made up of energy. Learn how to work with the energy of our life circumstances. The process allows us to release our emotional issues that manifest as physical symptoms of discomfort, pain, disease or limiting beliefs. By recognizing the related emotional pattern that no longer serves us, we release the physical symptoms, beliefs and energy that no longer support our higher purpose resulting in a more flowing fulfilling life. This method is an integration of several modalities: Reiki energy work to balance and restore our body’s natural healing ability; Rosen Method that fosters awareness of tension and emotion stored in our body’s memory and the use of imagery in which the Spirit and right brain artfully expresses itself. As a result, you will know and experience yourself in a more expanded way of connecting you with your natural wellbeing.

Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive Art is a method of visually exploring our stress, issues and challenges. Expressive Art allows us to work at a deeper level than many traditional modalities by bypassing our thinking, judging minds in order to allow emotion to share the wisdom of our Spirit. We get a glimpse of the framework of how we perceive and respond to the world that often limits our choices and inhibits our wellbeing. In addition to understanding the “problem,” the process will guide you on a path to move into the solution by transforming the wisdom of our deeper self into a healthier way of relating to ourselves and our environment. This method is especially useful for individuals living with physical symptoms (such as chronic pain and illnesses) or emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression interested in resolving the deeper issue we are called to understand. No artistic talent required, this process is simply about self-exploration, self-expression and transformation.

I Ching Consults

If you are searching for clarity or guidance, the I Ching is a useful Taoist tool to connect you with your inner guidance and higher purpose by offering insight and wisdom into how to work with our current life experience and challenges. The I Ching, which translates to “The Book of Change,” demonstrates the inherent growth and decline evident in all things in Nature. It allows us to honor these rhythms and cycles in our life with awareness and perspective to cope more gracefully while working with the underlying energy of the situation. The I Ching describes 64 “snapshots” describing the cycle of change. When we frame a challenge or problem in this context, it allows us to work with the energy of the situation to deepen our understanding of our growing edge and how to allow and create growth and change.

How this works:

Schedule a free, no obligation 30 minute phone consultation.

During your call, we'll establish a plan tailored to your needs.

Restore balance for a more fulfilling, meaningful life. You're on the right path. Welcome to Wellbeing.

Benefits of Wellbeing Sessions

  1. Being. You're at peace with who you are and what you have to share in the world while still growing..integrated understanding of the value of Being in relationship to doing and recognize when each of these is most helpful to you. Deepen your trust and knowing that our value is inherent.

  2. Deepen your spirituality. You experience a deeper sense of connectedness, belonging and trust.

  3. Improve health. You have a sense of sustained mental and emotional wellbeing that spills over into your physical and spiritual health as well.

  4. Empowered. Understand how to use your internal compass. Access intuition awareness. You deepen your sense of knowing what is right for you and the greater good resulting in increased clarity of what matters most and an increasing understanding of your role in creating.

  5. Light hearted living. Peace is restored as you naturally rise out of survival mode and thrive, feeling lighter. You let go of beliefs and energy patterns that limit you resulting in feeling more free and light.

  6. Balance. You know you are inherently enough as you are resulting in emotional clarity of when to pause (implement effective self-care) and how to flow through your next steps honoring the rhythm without/reducing guilt. Comfortable saying "no" and confident in your "YES!"

  7. Self-awareness. You know yourself and can more easily identify how to set boundaries for yourself while living on your growing edge (Beingness) 4

  8. Self-confidence. You know your worth and value beyond an intellectual level.

  9. Prosperity. Uncover a deeper more personal vision of what abundance looks like in your life beyond the culturally defined concept of wealth. Prosperity becomes a state of Being.

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"Tasha has a way of helping you bring your needs to the forefront. While working with her, what I need to clear and work on just comes to the surface. What would take me months to figure out we usually work out in a session or two. " S

“It [The I Ching] was a life opening experience and I plan to continue using it in problem solving.” S.C.

“This has brought out probably my biggest obstacles at this point in time. The process has brought me more in touch with questions I have been wondering about and answered questions to how I am really feeling that I couldn’t find on my own. I have been holding all this stuff inside not knowing how to release it or surrender.” T.H.

“I learned that there are avenues other than rational/thoughtful ones that are useful in expressing emotions and in reliving past experiences. I learned that mind-body connectedness is much more than an intellectual process. The process is pretty amazing. Thanks.” L.H.

Meet Tasha

Tasha offers a compassionate and reflective presence and empowering support to adults and youth seeking growth, change, and wellbeing. Live a more peace-filled, fulfilling and meaningful life by becoming more self-aware. Through Tasha's guidance, discover your own answers beyond the limitations of the mind and learn to listen within. Tasha offers stress management related tools such as deep breathing and visualization to cope and prevent stress producing emotions, inviting us to live more fully as our spiritual selves with optimal wellbeing.

Tasha has dedicated her life to helping people for over 20 years; she is a graduate of Salve Regina University, in Rhode Island where she completed a Master of Arts degree in Holistic Counseling in 2000. Tasha is a member of ABMP (Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals) and graduate of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University where she focused her studies in psychology and communication. She worked at Hazelden Betty Ford Center as a Wellness Counselor before dedicating her time to raising her family.

Tasha considers herself a guide, as described by Dorer as, "one who takes you in hand and leads you from place to place, from point to point, from level to level, not teaching one's own knowledge and imparting it to the next person but to that which she can discover herself and uncover the hidden potential."

Virtual Sessions

Google Meet, Zoom, Facetime meetings

In Person Sessions

Available in Elk River and

Monticello, MN


Free 30 minute initial phone consult to determine if Wellbeing is a good fit for you.

Google Meet or Zoom session 1 hour $55

In person Session (Integrative Energywork, Expressive Art Therapy, I Ching) $75 per hour (additional 1/2 hour $20)

Teens and Youth virtual sessions (up to 1 hour) $45

Teens and Youth In person sessions (up to 1 hour) $55

Package Pricing:

4 session package $ 250 (240 minutes or 4 hours)

4 session package for youth $200

*insurance not accepted